At age 24, Ceilidh Millar has become a prominent youth leader and advocate in Canada. Using her voice and platform as an award-winning journalist, she's made a significant contribution with her volunteer and advocary work in the areas of anti-bullying education, youth leadership and youth empowerment here at home, and across North America.


Ceilidh is a W. Garfield Weston Scholar, a Canada Top 20 Under 20 Award Winner and a recipient of the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal. In 2012, she was the sole Canadian to receive the Huggable Hero Award from the Build-A-Bear Workshop Foundation and travelled to St. Louis to be part of a documentary on young people making a difference for Nine Network, America's largest PBS affiliate. 


Ceilidh is a recipient of two Clarion Awards for "Excellence in Communications" from the Association for Women in Communications, the ABCOM Scholarship Award from the Association of Broadcast Communicators and the BCIT Distinguished Alumni Award for Outstanding Student Leadership.


In 2016, she was awarded the B.C. Community Achievement Award from the British Columbia Achievement Foundation. Ceilidh is currently the community and weather reporter for Global News Regina. 



Why read PreOccupation?

Dear Student,


A post-secondary education will provide some of your most exciting and rewarding life experiences. If you haven’t invested time to properly research and carefully consider your many options, you may be ill-prepared. 


PreOccupation is the only comprehensive guide for navigating post-secondary and career options, geared to a student's perspective. Packed with valuable tips and insights, PreOccupation shows how to avoid costly mistakes and provides beneficial advice on acquiring "job-ready" skills to get hired! 


Whether you're a recent high school graduate or a mature student returning to school, PreOccupation is here to help you plan this exciting journey. Prevent your education from becoming a one-way ticket to "Barista Land" with PreOccupation. 

PreOccupation will teach you...


Why I Decided to Write PreOccupation

Youth unemployment has become a worldwide issue, with growing pressure and demand on governments to find solutions. Canada’s youth unemployment rate is 14%, nearly double the national average. Studies suggest an additional 29% of youth are working low-paid jobs that require little or no post-secondary education.


Post-secondary graduates are finding themselves underemployed,

or employed in jobs unrelated to their field of study.


After two years on the road as a post-secondary recruiter, I became concerned with the misconceptions many young people have regarding their education choices and career prospects. Having spoken with over 10,000 students, I realized students are uninformed and ill-prepared when it comes to the realities of today’s job market. Students enroll in post-secondary in the hope they’ll find gainful employment upon graduation. Unfortunately, many of these students end up with a one way ticket to “Barista Land".


In order to prepare students for future careers, we must empower 

and equip young people with the skills to foster success after graduation.


I saw a need to educate youth on how to align their interests with compatible careers paths that will result in gainful employment upon completing their education.

How to get the most from your education investment. 

Fact or myth? A university education = a good job. 

How to avoid choosing a career path that may not suit you. 

The scoop on white collar versus blue collar jobs. 

How to gain employable job-ready skills and experience.  

Weighing the options - university, college, polytechnic & speciality schools. 

Resources on scholarships and bursaries. 

A popular speaker representing the voice of today's young people, Ceilidh can be booked for a variety of speaking engagements.


(Career Coach Yourself)

After two years on the road as a post-secondary recruiter, Ceilidh became concerned with the misconceptions many young people have regarding their education choices and career prospects. PreOccupation (Career Coach Yourself) teaches students how to navigate the post-secondary option maze. Ceilidh shows students how to avoid common mistakes and provides valuable advice on the secret to acquiring “job-ready” skills!


or Workshop

The Power of YOUth


or Workshop

Youth are capable of achieving amazing things. It is young people who have the ability and potential to be shapers of our society. The Power of YOUth empowers and inspires young people to become social activists and community leaders. Ceilidh teaches young people how to plan, lead & implement service projects and champion causes in their communities. 

She shares her own experiences, as well as the stories of exceptional youth leaders who are truly changing the world.



PreOccupation is the definitive guide

on how to graduate with job ready skills,

the key to landing a job in today’s job market.

Youth unemployment & underemployment is at an all time high.

PreOccupation provides a step-by-step guide with resources

and information not taught in school.

PreOccupation is the book I wish had been available when I was a student.